Paxton sàrl

Paxton sàrl founded 1986 by Anselme Pau is an independent management company in Luxembourg with three main activities:


"Liba" is a fashion brand owned and exploited by Paxton sàrl.

The fashion section is managed by the designer and artist Liba and Anselme Pau.

Liba's fashion accessories are 100% european made, from the creation to the finished product. For further information, please revert to the site


"Anselme Pau" is a music composer for film, documentaries, TV and independent artists.

His activities are managed and organized through Paxton sàrl.

For further information please revert to the site


Paxton sàrl is specialised in the production of audio guides for museums, telephone announcements and radio/tv jingles as well as consulting clients in the field of musical identity.